I hope my art brings you a sense of awe to the incredible natural world around us.

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Photographic Artist

Kevin Campbell

I’m an Arizona native working as a fly fishing guide for Lees Ferry Anglers on the majestic Colorado River. In addition, I pursue my dedication to the photographic arts as much as possible. My passion for photography was first born on a trip with my sister to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in 1981. We both shot many rolls of film over 3 days. The vivid colors and endless compositions filled me with the desire to capture the world and scenery that fueled my imagination.

 I took photography classes all 4 years in high school where I began to hone my skills and develop an eye for composition and color. My mother loved birds, flowers and the splendor of the outdoor world. I came by my love of nature through her, so capturing landscape scenes is a natural extension of my vision. 

Growing up in Tucson, spectacular lightning displays during summer storms were just a part of life. I woke to incredibly vivid sunrises and ended my days with stunning sunsets. These continue to be my most treasured subjects. 

My love for shooting the night sky came from cherished childhood moments with my father. He often taught me about the heavens above. We spent hours peering through our telescope or gazing up and identifying constellations and other celestial wonders. Besides being an astronomy enthusiast, my father was also a silversmith, an avid rock hound, a detailed lapidary, and an excellent watercolor and oil painter.

 In addition to photography, I tie custom flies for my river clients, design beaded jewelry, and recently started painting with acrylics (thanks, dad). I'm proud to have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful, supportive girlfriend. I hope you find as much joy and pleasure in the power of nature as I do.

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